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About us

Created in 2009, DUARUZ is a medium-sized family-owned company where more than 250 employees are working generating 42 million euros turnover. This is a typical Mittelstand european structure.
The group follows a premium strategy on two key and different areas :

. The delivery of high skilled services in the field of electrical maintenance : With its subsidiary Technica Industries, the group is able to take over the maintenance of very large power generators (from 150 MW to 1300 MW) for the major energy players in the world. The group is a rank 1 supplier for EDF (Electricité de France).
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. The design and implementation of high-end solutions for profiles machining : BJM DUBUS Maschinenbau GmbH is the holding gathering German company BJM and DUBUS Group based in France. Together we are the industry leader and worldwide Number 1 manufacturer in automatized profile cutting and machining centers. Our core business is to design and manufacture standard or turnkey equipment for industrial workshops, as well as doors and windows manufacturer looking for solutions to process profiles made of Aluminium, PVC, wood, steel and Composite material. Our technologies are gathered around 5 business areas : Cutting, machining, assembly, accessory fitting and manipulation. We offer high capacity equipment, with integrated software, combining productivity, precision, information management and traceability of the finished products.

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DUARUZ strenght is to combine, on a long term basis and with its customers, the industrial experience of its staff and partners and a strong financial position with no debt to carry out many innovative projects.

We have the ambition to become an European champion in our business areas. All DUARUZ teams are looking forward every day to providing you with the best solutions.